Creative ideas for a bridal shower

Creative ideas for a bridal shower

A Bridal Shower is a pre-wedding party hosted by either friends or family members and it is a time for invited guests to celebrate and shower the bride to be with well wishes and gifts before her big day comes.

When a young couple was marrying out of high school, leaving their parents home to start their new lives together, it made sense that the vast majority of a bridal shower was to help furnish the couple’s new home together. But now that most men and women are marrying at a later age, most couples have lived together before their bridal shower. That is why it is fine to take a nontraditional approach to a Bridal shower. A Robe from our Seasonal Robe Collection is ideal for the modern bridal party with a flair for fun and fashion.  

Firstly you can Make and send out an exciting and memorable Bridal shower invitation to all your guests that are invited to the Bridal shower.

You can set up your own perfume bar, set up a bar of oils and have nice pretty perfume bottles so that guests can make their own signature scents. That can be fun and keep your guests entertained.

Have a dessert bar, it can include chocolate fondue, with Strawberry’s, different kinds of Fruits, Sweets and Marshmallows. Mix it up,  You can never go wrong with a dessert bar at a Bridal shower.

Make a colourful cocktail and juice stand, a whole bar of cocktails is a real treat for the eyes and taste buds. Serve cocktails and juice in Stemless Crystal Champagne Flutes that are ideal for leading the toast to the couple’s future. These stemless Crystal Champagne Flutes can be printed on individually and you can choose from #Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honour or #Cheers.

As much as we love the traditional tea sandwiches and snacks, how about filling up your menu with a fondue? A Fondue is always nice and sociable.

Another creative idea for a bridal shower is to Make a Date Idea Box for the newlyweds to be, the couple might need some date night suggestions for the first few months, have every guest write down a creative date idea and drop it in a cute jar or box for the bride to take home with her.

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